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Extra Joss Active
Extra Joss Active
Extra Joss Active
Extra Joss Active

Extra Joss Active

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Extra Joss
Energy Shots

Take those Extra Joss Shots to feel like dynamite all night!

  • Zero sugar
  • Natural ingredients
  • Lots of energy

The Active ingredients create a true power cocktail.

This energy shot gives you a metabolism boost, confidence boost, stamina boost, everything boost.

Extra Joss Active has a great pineapple flavour. Throw the powder in your mouth, enjoy the sweet & sour kick, and flush it with your favourite liquid!

All it takes is that little sachet full of Extra Joss energy drink powder.

Extra Joss is perfect for parties, ski trips and festivals! If you love your friends, you should give them Joss shots.

Got 10 Extra Joss in my pocket so we'll stay until it's yesterday tomorrow.

When I need an insane energy shot I hit a Joss and rock on for hours.

This is magic in a sachet!


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